Terms & Conditions

Enquiry Stage

When you make an enquiry, if a date is confirmed, Julie Lane Celebrant will hold this date for seven days pending receipt of your completed booking form and deposit.



Bookings are accepted in good faith, based on the information provided by the client, and are deemed to be accepted only when the deposit is paid and acknowledged in writing. No additional costs, or changes in costs, can be made after the contract is signed by both parties, unless the consumer wishes to add the provision of extra services to the contract. Julie Lane Celebrant reserves the right to increase the fee payable due to altered instructions of engagement, e.g. time at the event being extended or the venue changed. In this case a revised or additional contract should be created.



A non-refundable deposit of half of your fee is required to secure the date and time for your ceremony.


Payment of Balance

Payment of the outstanding balance is due 12 weeks prior to the ceremony, however if the booking is made within 12 weeks of the ceremony then payment is required in full on receipt of the completed booking form.



The ceremonies that Julie Lane Celebrant provides are not legal. I am able to provide you with the Registration Office details and what is required to make your marriage legal in England and Wales. If you require the ceremony to be legally recognised, you need to attend the Registration Service.



All travel regarding your ceremony and rehearsal is included in the price quoted.



Julie Lane Celebrant respects the confidentiality of any bookings taken and does not share these with any third person. The ceremony examples provided by us must also be kept as confidential and not shared with others, without written consent.



Your deposit is non-refundable.

The balance of fees is refundable if cancellation is received on a sliding scale:

  1. Within 8 weeks – 50% of balance after deposit.
  2. Within 4 weeks – 25% of balance after deposit.
  3. No refund if cancellation is received after this point.

Cancellation by Julie Lane Celebrant with you – 100% refund.


Fulfilment of Obligations

Every effort is made in good faith to fulfil the engagement, but responsibility cannot be accepted for non-arrival due to circumstances beyond the Julie Lane Celebrant’s control, e.g. extreme weather conditions, industrial action, failure of public services etc. In the event of non-arrival, a refund will be made to the client, according to the circumstances prevailing. In the event of illness, every effort will be made to provide a substitute Celebrant, and to pass on full details of the booking and planning documentation for the event. No additional fee will be charged.



Julie Lane Celebrant reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.